The story of BullishArt is all about curation. It started during the pandemic as a way to adapt to the strangeness of life. Before opening BullishArt I was already a curator, just I did not know it.

I have been curating food and wine for the last 15 years of my life, that's why when I approached the NFT trend, I felt immediately the urgency of curating this huge amount of artworks being thrown everywhere online, just for the purpose of selling.

I started as a collector and I saw how easily was to fall for not authentic artworks, often minted by other users, without the consent of the creators.

That is how it begun, I contacted an artist to ask him if he had minted that artwork, and as I expected he was unaware of that and even of the blockchain technology... often artists like to live a bit far from technology to keep creating in peace.

In that process I was curating and he became my first artist. After him other artists joined BullishArt.

In the first two years, BullishArt has curated artists from all over the world, from Japan to Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Brazil, Colombia, US.

The most complex collection ever curated is PuggoSapiens, an amazing story of 4,000 unique Puggos on-chain.

As time pass and the NFT trend begun to slow down, I felt the need for curating more information, more artworks and to create a curated community.

Now the goal of BullishArt is not just creating a token and selling to somebody online, instead it is pure curation. The token aspect comes after for certain artworks.

Curation is a working in progress, it requires to be very curious, to want to learn a lot of new information and to organize them for better understanding.

Welcome to BullishArt curation journey!